Cupcakes and BP Oil Spill?

We took a mini stay-cation to Siesta Key, FL and I naturally had to find the local cupcake spots! We stopped by Turtle Beach on our way home which is a great beach for shell hunting.  We were fortunate enough to find a turtle’s nest! The babies had hatched the night before and made their way to the sea.  The kids loved that they were able to see their tiny tracks! The best part of all, a research specialist just so happened to be there taking notes! The kids asked a ton of questions and she answered every one of them.

Turtle Beach, FL

After the amazing visit to Turtle Beach, we went over to a cupcake shop I had already researched.  This shop was a great follow up to our stop at the beach.

Cupcakes A Go-Go

Cupcakes A Go-Go

The cupcakes were great and they are just a small part of what made me such a huge fan of this shop.

One of the things that gained my attention to this particular shop was that they donated 10% of all sales of their “Marine Life Cupcakes” to Mote Marine Oil Emergency Fund at Mote Marine Laboratory.  Mote Marine is continuously doing work to help prevent further damage to sea life and local waters due to BP’s oil spill.  Please click on the link provided to learn more about their work. The owners, Lorrie and Sherree, were great to talk to and their passion for marine life was obvious.

10% of all sales of Marine Life Cupcakes goes to Mote Marine Labratory

Dawn, owners Lorrie and Sherree

Unlike my kids who were able to pick out whatever marine animal they wanted on their cupcake, our friend Kaitlin is allergic to dairy.  She was not able to eat their icing but Lorrie was extremely accommodating and figured out a solution.  Doing so, it showed to us what big and kind hearts they have!

Lorrie went into the back and Dawn, their assistant, came out.  She had the dolphins on a napkin and asked Kaitlin for her approval to be placed on the cupcake.

They were incredibly thoughtful! They had one happy camper and two impressed mothers!

Sugar Dolphins replaced the Buttercream Dolphins

While waiting for our cupcakes, we found this super cute cupcake hat!

  • Cupcake Knitted Hat
  • Back of Cupcake Hat
  • Side View of Cupcake Knit Hat

    At $18, they are reasonably priced for something that is homemade! Want one for your little cuppy cake? Give them a call at 941-952-1114. Remember to tell them you saw it here on The Big Fat Cupcake! The hat comes in a variety of sizes, from infants’ to kids’. The one modeled here is size 2-8.

    Going to this cupcake spot will not only give you some sweet rewards, but it will also give you the rewards of helping out our local environment!

    Thanks to Lorrie, Sherree, and Dawn!  We truly enjoyed our visit!!

    Marine Life Cupcakes

    Trutle and Scallop


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    Frostings etc…Cupcakes

    On my travels yesterday, the kids and I visited a jewel of a cupcake spot in the SOHO district of Tampa.

    What do I love about this cupcake spot?  The creative flavors that they create!  It’s the stuff you see and hear about on something like Cupcake Wars on the Food Network.

    With cupcake names such as Champagne Pear Bellini, Cup a Cappuccino, Guinness Beer, Pina Colda, and for those Sex In The City fans…..Cerri Cosmo!  You know that your taste buds are in for titillating treat!

    Now if you are the classic kind of cupcake lover, do not despair!  They have the traditional cupcakes too.  Traditional Red Velvet, 24 Karrot Kake, The Lemon Zinger, Strawberry Shortcake, Banana Dream, and of course Death by Chocolate.

    Can you believe there is more?  There is!  Check out their Facebook page and their website.

    Now for our review!

    We purchased 4 cupcakes at $3.75 each.   Joe the owner was behind the counter and he was most helpful in making our selection.   He advised me that during the week the selection is smaller due to the slower walk in traffic. However on the weekend there is a bigger selection, as the walk in traffic is brisk.   So you may want to visit on the weekend.

    That being said, we visited on a Tuesday and had a great selection!

    First selection and one of the favorites:  

    Champagne Pear Bellini

    Champagne Pear Bellini

    I love the soft visual touch of the flower on top of this cupcake.  This delicate flower is indicative of what to expect from this cupcake.  It is a moist cupcake with bits of pears inside and as the name indicates champagne.  It’s not a dry cake kind of cupcake, but firm, moist and packed full of amazing flavors that complement each other.

    From reading other sites, this has to be one of their most popular cupcakes.  I had three other women taste it and all agreed this was their favorite!

    Tiramisu Cupcake


    This is soooo good!  It’s spongy, moist, and best of all it tastes like you are eating a slice of Tiramisu.

    Check out the center of this cupcake

    Check out the center of this cupcake!  Ooohhh so much flavor and goodness all wrapped up in this tiny package.  Can you tell I really enjoyed it?

    Two of the three testers loved this cupcake and said it was a close tie with the Champagne Pear Belleni.

    Banana Dream

    Banana DreamI had great hopes for this one.  I love a good moist banana cake/bread/cupcake.  While it was flavorful and tasty, it was a little on the dry side.  This may be one of those cupcakes you purchase on the weekend or maybe like banana bread they get moister as they age.  So maybe it was so fresh it did not have a chance to get moist.  Over all it was still a good cupcake.

    Can’t remember the name of the last cupcake.  I’ll call it the…

    OMG Chocolate Cupcake:

    Death by ChocolateCalling all chocoholics!! This cupcake is for you!  Wow is it packed with chocolate goodness.  I think the picture alone tells you that this is a moist cupcake.

    Chocolate cake, with chocolate ganache inside, chocolate butter cream icing, topped with nice sized chocolate shavings.

    Joe brought these babies freshly made from the kitchen and suggested I get one.  I am normally not a fan of chocolate deserts from bakeries or restaurants.  Most of the time I find them to be dry and lacking in flavor.

    That is not the case here!  WOW!!  This was just as amazing as the Pear and Tiramisu cupcakes.  I managed to get in two bites before my daughter devoured this cupcake. I swear I felt like I was in the movie Chocolat and Johnny Depp was going to walk in any minute!

    One of the neat things they offer at Frostings is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough shooters.  YES shooters!  They have a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough cupcakes, another favorite.  They package some of the extra dough into tiny shooter containers for the cookie dough lover in you.

    Frostings has a small but nice selection of drinks and much like other cupcake spots they have limited seating.  If it’s a busy day you may need to take your cupcake to go.

    Do I recommend this cupcake spot located in South Tampa?  You betcha!!

    Like their Facebook Page, keep up with the amazing flavor combination that Sharon creates.  You can also give them a call to see what flavors are available for that day.

    They do cupcakes for Corporate events, parties, weddings, etc.

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